Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Very First Woman in my Life

Ahhhh...this week we get to discover one of my favorite characters in "The Story of Me: Since I Never Got My Sitcom", my Mother!

However, before I do, since this post was supposed to be posted yesterday my wife informed me I needed to put a tribute to my son who turned 1 yesterday. She then proceeded to tell me that it can't be a tribute because tributes are only for people who have died. HMMM? I don't think that's the case, but whatever. Alexander Daniel Sevilla was born September 16, 2008 in Carmel, In at 4:17pm. He has been a joy to my life more than I could even write about. His laughter can brighten my day even if he is laughing at me telling him not to do something. I thank God for him and pray he will become a light in this world.

Alright now back to the fun stuff. What kind of woman is my mother? Welp, she is probably the kindest, selfless, and humorous woman I know. She is one of my favorite characters in my life. Now, I'm sure no matter how much nice stuff I put in this blog about her you can probably put money down that I will be receiving a phone call about this...which is why my Mother is my Mother.

The best thing about mothers is that they are loving, caring, and crazy all mixed up in one human being, and I'm sure you all have "mom" stories that you can share that make you smile and shake your head. So let me share to the world the smiles that my Mom brings to me. Now, since my Mom is loving and caring she loves to do special things for her kids, whether it be Christmas time, birthdays, or the "just because" type of days. Now, when my mom buys a gift, plans a party, or bakes a dish, she has a mental image on what our reactions will be when we open, attend, or taste. Let me run you through one of these mental images........

"Danny, look I got you the movie Ghostbusters 2 and baked you a chicken pasta with sugar in it."

"MOM!!! I can not believe you got me this movie!! This is the best movie ever and I will watch in non stop for 24 hours while I eat this delicious meal that you have prepared. Lets dance for joy before we start the movie."

actual situation:

"Danny, look I got you the movie Ghostbusters 2 and baked you a chicken pasta with sugar in it!"

"Haha, thanks Mom I haven't seen that movie in while it was funny when I watched it in the 80's, but why would you put sugar in the pasta?"

Like I said her heart is in every gift she gives us but she always gets disappointed when her version of how it should play out doesn't happen. So every Christmas the best reaction wins!

My mom is great if you want to feel special, she will love you and make you soup and make you feel like a kid again, but she is also good if you need a laugh. The good thing about her is she doesn't mind poking fun at herself. Like the time she was going to come and visit me in Indy and when she saw the sign that said Indianapolis BLVD right outside Chicago, she thought to herself, "well this should get me to Indy". No, Mom just because the street name is a city it doesn't mean it will take you there.

I can always think of my Mother and know that she will always love me and she will also be someone that can make me smile.

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks where you will here a great story about my Mom, a needle, and the chest area. Exciting stuff! By the way, I love to know who is reading these blogs so if you want to comment go ahead or if you just sign up as a follower. Till next time!


  1. Great post about my Aunt! I think you left me on a cliffhanger though, because I never found out why she put sugar in the pasta.

  2. Thats a question that will haunt us for a lifetime!