Friday, September 11, 2009

Special Post: Random Thought

So like I mentioned in my very first post. There are moments in time where I just have random thoughts. Now, these random thoughts usually have no big meaning, but they are thoughts that I am sure we have all had but just don't say out loud. Unless, of course, you have had a couple of drinks. At that point (I have heard) thoughts like this usually get said out loud.

What kind of thoughts you ask? Well, thoughts like is the word drawer 1 syllable or 2? Can babies talk to each other in their little "baby language"? Now, these thoughts can be deep or just idiotic, but we all have them. So what thought did I have? I am glad you asked.

The other day I was at my home watching television, flipping the channels. I came across a program which had senior citizens at a Sr. center dancing to tunes that they used to dance to when they were young. Tunes like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and whatever else was popular back in the day.

As my channel surfing continued, I came across a music station which had a current hip hop song playing. The wheels in my head started to turn as they sometimes do, regardless of what my family may say. What will these Sr. Centers be like when my generation is old? Will our tastes change to our default "old people music" and start dancing to Frank Sinatra (which by the way I already love his music) or will we be busting a groove to Jay Z and Usher? Hmm kind of makes you wonder. Now, as a man who likes all kinds of music, I hope that someday in my 70's I can comfortably go to a Sr. Center and bump and grind with my 70 year old wife, while my kids and grandkids sit on the side and watch in awe of their Dad and Grandpa as he shows them how it is done, but somehow don't think that will happen.

Anyway, there is my random thought of the week and again to better help with visualization I posted a link of future me tearing it up. Enjoy!

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