Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Council: A perfect way to live life

Throughout this blog I will be introduce you to some "characters"/family members in my life.

So let me give you some background on me. Five years ago I married a wonderful girl named Jeanine. Now, this wonderful girl had a sister name Laura, who is also cool (most of the time), but before I met either of them, I had a close friend/best friend named Bryan. Long story short, I married Jeanine, Bryan married Laura which allowed us to create a sub-family-family. Now, even though they live in NC and we live in Chicago, we talk to each other on a daily basis and take vacations together and just have a good time all around.

So, as this happy family of ours continued Bryan and I felt it necessary to establish some "rules" for our family that we call the Sevison family (Sevilla+Johnson=Sevison). Being that Bryan and I come from a similar background i.e., loud families, sarcastic, and speak our minds and Laura and Jeanine obviously come from the same family which are more on the hmmmm...lets just say different from ours (calm down not in a bad way). We felt it necessary to have a balance and when I say balance I mean Bryan and I wanted a "Utopian" family, so we created "THE COUNCIL".

The soul purpose of the council is to make sure that there is order and communication in our families. Communication was something that we strugled with before the council because I would tell Jeanine something she would tell Laura and Laura would tell Bryan that was completly different from the original context. So what was once lets go out for Chilis now became Danny hates my moms Chilli. So something had to change. Now, some of you people might find this next part offensive or sexist and to be honest with you....I'm okay with that. Each family member is assigned a vote so that there is no fighting when a decision needs to be made. I have 1 vote, Bryan had 1 vote, and Jeanine and Laura both have 1/2 a vote. Now, before you get all crazy (mom) the reason was, if we had 4 votes nothing would ever be decided, we needed an odd number. So most important decisions are made via council; houses, where to live, kids, movies, vacations, etc. It has proved to work excellent.

There are other reasons for the council as well. We decide other family members we like as a group who doesn't really fit in to our "family" of sorts. For example, if one of our brothers or sisters gets married their spouse needs to be "council approved" which all have them have passed so far. Family is very important to us so if someone tries to ruin our family dynamic we don't take kindly to that. Another example, the holidays, it can be a crazy time for a family with all the family functions that one might have to attend with their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, it can be a stressful time for a couple unless they have a council. We decide where we are going as the Sevison family and it all works out fine because we have each other.

So my advice, if you have a brother or sister who marries someone that you get along with greatly, to form your own "council" make it your own. This is going to be a "thing" just you watch and see. Feel free to comment about this post with questions or comments. Oh and tell your friends! Till next time!


  1. I beleive they made a movie of this. I think they called it The Godfather. Watch out for the toll boths my son.

  2. We are geniouses. Or is it geniusi? Either way - we're extremely intelligent - this will indeed catch on.