Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate Pt. 1

Lets start this week with a couple of questions. Did you have siblings growing up? Were you close to your siblings when you were kids? Were you the younger brother/sister who was constantly finding ways to annoy your older sibling? Or were you the older sibling torturing your younger sibling because the believed whatever you said and your were stronger. There is a thin line between love and hate when it comes to your siblings during the early years of life. As we get older and more mature we become closer, well at least in my family.

This week we are going to dive into the characters of my two younger brothers. As I explained last week I am the oldest of 4 kids. The order after that is my brother Matt, my sister Amanda, and my youngest brother Ruben. Let us dive into the world of Matthew first, shall we?

My brother Matt, he is complicated soul or at least that is what he will have you believe. Being the second born of a family were all the kids are 2 years apart can be a tough role to play. He is a quite guy compared to the rest of us but he is actually very funny when he gets the chance to talk. Myself, I am very outgoing, I like to be the center of attention (because I deserve to be), and was involved a lot in church and school. Now, it can be tough for you younger siblings being in the shadow of your older sibling. So what did Matt do, welp, he just did the opposite of what I did. He went to a different church, did different activities, and made his own shadow, which is great! However, he had a knack for not sharing with the rest of the family what he was doing. Matt could be happily married and not have told us anything about it......oh wait wrong brother, but we will get to that soon!

So I don't have a video of Matt, but the story is just as funny. Like I said Matt would like to hide in his room for hours at a time and we wouldn't see him for a while. He would eat up there, listen to music, take 2 hour showers and we would be non the wiser. One day Matt was in his room and decided that he would like to have a relaxing atmosphere, so he wanted to light a candle. "Hmmm, we don't seem to have a scented candle, just this candle stick." Matt said to himself. Well this candle stick didn't have a candle holder. "Hmmm..I got it! I will just place this candle stick into this empty pop can and that should do the trick." Well it did the trick, however, Matt decided that he was going to go downstairs and watch some TV but leave the mood candle in its place. Meanwhile, I was in my room relaxing and begin to hear what I think is the crumpling of a plastic bag. Continuing my relaxing evening, I was beginning to wonder why my brother kept messing with the plastic bag. So I decided I would do my older brother duties and go punch him in the face and tell him to quit making so much noise. As I walk into his room I come to find out that this plastic bag noise that was irritating me was actually my brothers dresser UP IN FLAMES!! It is weird to think how the crackling of a fire sounds so much like a plastic bag.

I run down the stairs to my brother and sister watching TV and yell FIRE!!! I get a big bowl of water and run back up the stairs. Not doing a very good job of putting out the fire I go back and forth with the water until the flames have ceased. PHEW! All that was left was half of a char-broiled dresser with some whitey tighties that will no longer go to good use.

Not my brothers best judgment but later in life we will see him use good judgment and also not so good judgment like hiding in the closet with a scream mask only to put my younger brother in a state of shock "coma". As different from me as my brother Matt can be. He is definitely an original in our family, which is a nice balance in the sitcom that is my life.

I thought I would have enough time to write about my younger brother, but I guess that will have to wait till next week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charlie Brown's Lucy other wise known as my Sister!

So this week we introduce a lovable but dangerous character in the Story of Me, my sister. My sister Amanda was the 3rd of 4 children and not only that she was the only girl. To say the least she had to be tough. Don't get me wrong she can be "girly" but when she entered the jungle that we called home it was every person for themselves. A jungle you ask? Yes, a jungle we were constantly beating on each other or yelling at each other. It was a mad house. Ever since we were kids my Mom called her Lucy cause she acted exactly like Lucy on Charlie Brown, I would have to agree.

My sister was always good for a laugh not only because she was funny but she has one of the loudest laughs I have ever heard. Its contagious really, but if you really want to hear her laugh I will give you the secret. Just have someone fall on their face in front of her, and if your looking for sympathy you might get it but she will remind you of that fall and laugh hysterically about it for the rest of your life. Trust me! In fact, there was one time when my sweet Grandma took a dive down a couple of stairs. I thought my sister was gonna pee her pants. "It's the look on their face!" she says.

Now, I'm sure some of you that know my sister might expect to hear about a certain bet that was made between her and I about what type of guy she would marry, but NO we can save that for a future day. I will say this about my sister out of all of us we are the most alike. She might even have me beat on a couple of "first born" qualities that I have. She is probably the most stubborn person I have ever met even if you have 100% proof that she is wrong. Does not matter she is gonna stick to her guns. Which is why I enjoy hanging out with her because she gives me a challenge. I can usually win most arguments I get in, now am I always right? No way, but I will make you think I am. However, when its an argument with her, she will give me a run for my money.

I love my sister she is a great character in my life, but getting back to the toughness of her. We didn't give her any sympathy when it came to a brotherly/sisterly brawl. We would pound on her just the same as we would one of the boys. So, if you ever plan on throwing some pain on a girl in your life, just remember she might have had 3 brothers and you might be in for a world of hurt.

So for your enjoyment, I have uploaded a home video clip of my brother Matt (who you will meet next week) and myself peacefully making a rap video and in comes trouble. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Very First Woman in my Life

Ahhhh...this week we get to discover one of my favorite characters in "The Story of Me: Since I Never Got My Sitcom", my Mother!

However, before I do, since this post was supposed to be posted yesterday my wife informed me I needed to put a tribute to my son who turned 1 yesterday. She then proceeded to tell me that it can't be a tribute because tributes are only for people who have died. HMMM? I don't think that's the case, but whatever. Alexander Daniel Sevilla was born September 16, 2008 in Carmel, In at 4:17pm. He has been a joy to my life more than I could even write about. His laughter can brighten my day even if he is laughing at me telling him not to do something. I thank God for him and pray he will become a light in this world.

Alright now back to the fun stuff. What kind of woman is my mother? Welp, she is probably the kindest, selfless, and humorous woman I know. She is one of my favorite characters in my life. Now, I'm sure no matter how much nice stuff I put in this blog about her you can probably put money down that I will be receiving a phone call about this...which is why my Mother is my Mother.

The best thing about mothers is that they are loving, caring, and crazy all mixed up in one human being, and I'm sure you all have "mom" stories that you can share that make you smile and shake your head. So let me share to the world the smiles that my Mom brings to me. Now, since my Mom is loving and caring she loves to do special things for her kids, whether it be Christmas time, birthdays, or the "just because" type of days. Now, when my mom buys a gift, plans a party, or bakes a dish, she has a mental image on what our reactions will be when we open, attend, or taste. Let me run you through one of these mental images........

"Danny, look I got you the movie Ghostbusters 2 and baked you a chicken pasta with sugar in it."

"MOM!!! I can not believe you got me this movie!! This is the best movie ever and I will watch in non stop for 24 hours while I eat this delicious meal that you have prepared. Lets dance for joy before we start the movie."

actual situation:

"Danny, look I got you the movie Ghostbusters 2 and baked you a chicken pasta with sugar in it!"

"Haha, thanks Mom I haven't seen that movie in while it was funny when I watched it in the 80's, but why would you put sugar in the pasta?"

Like I said her heart is in every gift she gives us but she always gets disappointed when her version of how it should play out doesn't happen. So every Christmas the best reaction wins!

My mom is great if you want to feel special, she will love you and make you soup and make you feel like a kid again, but she is also good if you need a laugh. The good thing about her is she doesn't mind poking fun at herself. Like the time she was going to come and visit me in Indy and when she saw the sign that said Indianapolis BLVD right outside Chicago, she thought to herself, "well this should get me to Indy". No, Mom just because the street name is a city it doesn't mean it will take you there.

I can always think of my Mother and know that she will always love me and she will also be someone that can make me smile.

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks where you will here a great story about my Mom, a needle, and the chest area. Exciting stuff! By the way, I love to know who is reading these blogs so if you want to comment go ahead or if you just sign up as a follower. Till next time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Special Post: Random Thought

So like I mentioned in my very first post. There are moments in time where I just have random thoughts. Now, these random thoughts usually have no big meaning, but they are thoughts that I am sure we have all had but just don't say out loud. Unless, of course, you have had a couple of drinks. At that point (I have heard) thoughts like this usually get said out loud.

What kind of thoughts you ask? Well, thoughts like is the word drawer 1 syllable or 2? Can babies talk to each other in their little "baby language"? Now, these thoughts can be deep or just idiotic, but we all have them. So what thought did I have? I am glad you asked.

The other day I was at my home watching television, flipping the channels. I came across a program which had senior citizens at a Sr. center dancing to tunes that they used to dance to when they were young. Tunes like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and whatever else was popular back in the day.

As my channel surfing continued, I came across a music station which had a current hip hop song playing. The wheels in my head started to turn as they sometimes do, regardless of what my family may say. What will these Sr. Centers be like when my generation is old? Will our tastes change to our default "old people music" and start dancing to Frank Sinatra (which by the way I already love his music) or will we be busting a groove to Jay Z and Usher? Hmm kind of makes you wonder. Now, as a man who likes all kinds of music, I hope that someday in my 70's I can comfortably go to a Sr. Center and bump and grind with my 70 year old wife, while my kids and grandkids sit on the side and watch in awe of their Dad and Grandpa as he shows them how it is done, but somehow don't think that will happen.

Anyway, there is my random thought of the week and again to better help with visualization I posted a link of future me tearing it up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Council: A perfect way to live life

Throughout this blog I will be introduce you to some "characters"/family members in my life.

So let me give you some background on me. Five years ago I married a wonderful girl named Jeanine. Now, this wonderful girl had a sister name Laura, who is also cool (most of the time), but before I met either of them, I had a close friend/best friend named Bryan. Long story short, I married Jeanine, Bryan married Laura which allowed us to create a sub-family-family. Now, even though they live in NC and we live in Chicago, we talk to each other on a daily basis and take vacations together and just have a good time all around.

So, as this happy family of ours continued Bryan and I felt it necessary to establish some "rules" for our family that we call the Sevison family (Sevilla+Johnson=Sevison). Being that Bryan and I come from a similar background i.e., loud families, sarcastic, and speak our minds and Laura and Jeanine obviously come from the same family which are more on the hmmmm...lets just say different from ours (calm down not in a bad way). We felt it necessary to have a balance and when I say balance I mean Bryan and I wanted a "Utopian" family, so we created "THE COUNCIL".

The soul purpose of the council is to make sure that there is order and communication in our families. Communication was something that we strugled with before the council because I would tell Jeanine something she would tell Laura and Laura would tell Bryan that was completly different from the original context. So what was once lets go out for Chilis now became Danny hates my moms Chilli. So something had to change. Now, some of you people might find this next part offensive or sexist and to be honest with you....I'm okay with that. Each family member is assigned a vote so that there is no fighting when a decision needs to be made. I have 1 vote, Bryan had 1 vote, and Jeanine and Laura both have 1/2 a vote. Now, before you get all crazy (mom) the reason was, if we had 4 votes nothing would ever be decided, we needed an odd number. So most important decisions are made via council; houses, where to live, kids, movies, vacations, etc. It has proved to work excellent.

There are other reasons for the council as well. We decide other family members we like as a group who doesn't really fit in to our "family" of sorts. For example, if one of our brothers or sisters gets married their spouse needs to be "council approved" which all have them have passed so far. Family is very important to us so if someone tries to ruin our family dynamic we don't take kindly to that. Another example, the holidays, it can be a crazy time for a family with all the family functions that one might have to attend with their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, it can be a stressful time for a couple unless they have a council. We decide where we are going as the Sevison family and it all works out fine because we have each other.

So my advice, if you have a brother or sister who marries someone that you get along with greatly, to form your own "council" make it your own. This is going to be a "thing" just you watch and see. Feel free to comment about this post with questions or comments. Oh and tell your friends! Till next time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Facebook Family

Hello, friends and family! I hope everyone is having a good week.

AHH Facebook, what a great took we have to be able to keep in contact with the people we usually wouldn't keep in contact with. I find it funny as I'm sure you would agree that I know the littlest details about friends and family some whom I have never even met. It's great....or is it....?

Just like in real life I have seen some personalities form on the bulletin board of the future they call Facebook. Is it me or does everyone find themselves in a self battle when that question comes up ....accept or deny as a friend? "Wow, there is some qualifications that have to be met in order to be my friend. Yes you might be my uncle but do I really want you all up in my biz?"
Now I am sure all of you have your own little set of rules in order to be qualified as a "friend".

I have become a little more lax in my accepting of friends lately since I found my settings tool that allows me to deny certain people from certain things. However, lets go over some of the personalities that I have seen within my group of friends.

We have the politician: this person you might now to always have some sort of cause, political action, or group that they ask you to join that allows you do discuss health plans, presidents, and all that other crap. This is facebook not a place I feel I need to learn.....sooo you keep it up you might just get deleted. That's right I said it deleted!

Next we have a personal nemesis of mine: This group mostly includes my immediate family and cousins. I have spent 28 years of my life becoming number one in certain people's eyes (grandma). I have put in the time, phonecalls, and trips and now you have a tool where you can do all the same including pictures by the click of a button??? Not on my watch out.

How about "The Deleted": We all have this person in our family or friends. Let me explain and then you think about who that is. This is the person that except, excited about the joy and news they might bring to you with their daily update. However, instead you get an unpleasant surprise of crap you just don't want to hear or maybe even depresses you when you read it. Now you have a decision to make and you do.....DELETED! Then you come to find out you aren't the only person who deleted this person. It actually is a common occurrence.

Then we have the people who's names are self explanatory:
-The mushy people
-The bloggers ...oh wait
-The quiz requesters
-The "this is what my kid is doing this minute"
-The people who get on other peoples facebook because they are scared to create their own
-The status update-a-holics...seriously people no one cares
and finally
-The status update once-a-month'rs

I will end with this, I am the kind of facebooker who reads the updates and enjoys them. So keep on rocking and we will see you next week.