Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate Pt. 1

Lets start this week with a couple of questions. Did you have siblings growing up? Were you close to your siblings when you were kids? Were you the younger brother/sister who was constantly finding ways to annoy your older sibling? Or were you the older sibling torturing your younger sibling because the believed whatever you said and your were stronger. There is a thin line between love and hate when it comes to your siblings during the early years of life. As we get older and more mature we become closer, well at least in my family.

This week we are going to dive into the characters of my two younger brothers. As I explained last week I am the oldest of 4 kids. The order after that is my brother Matt, my sister Amanda, and my youngest brother Ruben. Let us dive into the world of Matthew first, shall we?

My brother Matt, he is complicated soul or at least that is what he will have you believe. Being the second born of a family were all the kids are 2 years apart can be a tough role to play. He is a quite guy compared to the rest of us but he is actually very funny when he gets the chance to talk. Myself, I am very outgoing, I like to be the center of attention (because I deserve to be), and was involved a lot in church and school. Now, it can be tough for you younger siblings being in the shadow of your older sibling. So what did Matt do, welp, he just did the opposite of what I did. He went to a different church, did different activities, and made his own shadow, which is great! However, he had a knack for not sharing with the rest of the family what he was doing. Matt could be happily married and not have told us anything about it......oh wait wrong brother, but we will get to that soon!

So I don't have a video of Matt, but the story is just as funny. Like I said Matt would like to hide in his room for hours at a time and we wouldn't see him for a while. He would eat up there, listen to music, take 2 hour showers and we would be non the wiser. One day Matt was in his room and decided that he would like to have a relaxing atmosphere, so he wanted to light a candle. "Hmmm, we don't seem to have a scented candle, just this candle stick." Matt said to himself. Well this candle stick didn't have a candle holder. "Hmmm..I got it! I will just place this candle stick into this empty pop can and that should do the trick." Well it did the trick, however, Matt decided that he was going to go downstairs and watch some TV but leave the mood candle in its place. Meanwhile, I was in my room relaxing and begin to hear what I think is the crumpling of a plastic bag. Continuing my relaxing evening, I was beginning to wonder why my brother kept messing with the plastic bag. So I decided I would do my older brother duties and go punch him in the face and tell him to quit making so much noise. As I walk into his room I come to find out that this plastic bag noise that was irritating me was actually my brothers dresser UP IN FLAMES!! It is weird to think how the crackling of a fire sounds so much like a plastic bag.

I run down the stairs to my brother and sister watching TV and yell FIRE!!! I get a big bowl of water and run back up the stairs. Not doing a very good job of putting out the fire I go back and forth with the water until the flames have ceased. PHEW! All that was left was half of a char-broiled dresser with some whitey tighties that will no longer go to good use.

Not my brothers best judgment but later in life we will see him use good judgment and also not so good judgment like hiding in the closet with a scream mask only to put my younger brother in a state of shock "coma". As different from me as my brother Matt can be. He is definitely an original in our family, which is a nice balance in the sitcom that is my life.

I thought I would have enough time to write about my younger brother, but I guess that will have to wait till next week!

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