Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Facebook Family

Hello, friends and family! I hope everyone is having a good week.

AHH Facebook, what a great took we have to be able to keep in contact with the people we usually wouldn't keep in contact with. I find it funny as I'm sure you would agree that I know the littlest details about friends and family some whom I have never even met. It's great....or is it....?

Just like in real life I have seen some personalities form on the bulletin board of the future they call Facebook. Is it me or does everyone find themselves in a self battle when that question comes up ....accept or deny as a friend? "Wow, there is some qualifications that have to be met in order to be my friend. Yes you might be my uncle but do I really want you all up in my biz?"
Now I am sure all of you have your own little set of rules in order to be qualified as a "friend".

I have become a little more lax in my accepting of friends lately since I found my settings tool that allows me to deny certain people from certain things. However, lets go over some of the personalities that I have seen within my group of friends.

We have the politician: this person you might now to always have some sort of cause, political action, or group that they ask you to join that allows you do discuss health plans, presidents, and all that other crap. This is facebook not a place I feel I need to learn.....sooo you keep it up you might just get deleted. That's right I said it deleted!

Next we have a personal nemesis of mine: This group mostly includes my immediate family and cousins. I have spent 28 years of my life becoming number one in certain people's eyes (grandma). I have put in the time, phonecalls, and trips and now you have a tool where you can do all the same including pictures by the click of a button??? Not on my watch out.

How about "The Deleted": We all have this person in our family or friends. Let me explain and then you think about who that is. This is the person that except, excited about the joy and news they might bring to you with their daily update. However, instead you get an unpleasant surprise of crap you just don't want to hear or maybe even depresses you when you read it. Now you have a decision to make and you do.....DELETED! Then you come to find out you aren't the only person who deleted this person. It actually is a common occurrence.

Then we have the people who's names are self explanatory:
-The mushy people
-The bloggers ...oh wait
-The quiz requesters
-The "this is what my kid is doing this minute"
-The people who get on other peoples facebook because they are scared to create their own
-The status update-a-holics...seriously people no one cares
and finally
-The status update once-a-month'rs

I will end with this, I am the kind of facebooker who reads the updates and enjoys them. So keep on rocking and we will see you next week.

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  1. And this is the reason why i dont have a facebook account my son.